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About me

I am a 28 year old game enthusiast and developer. I wasn't entirely happy with the stat trackers out there so I built my own, enjoy!

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Feel free to drop me comments and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

[XBOX] Why can't I find myself?

Look under Settings -> Account -> Privacy & online safety -> Xbox Live privacy -> View details & customize (if not available select Custom) -> Profile -> Others can see your xbox profile needs to be set to everybody.

Why do I see random player names in my squad or teams in solos?

This is a known issue in the API I use to obtain the data. All we can do is wait for Bluehole to fix this.

Why do I get the API error limit reached?

I get all the data you see from Bluehole servers. They give an application a limit at which it can request data, if you get this error the limit has been reached. Don't worry this limit gets reset every minute. I am also trying to get a higher limit so you won't receive this error again.